Introduction to SAP Quality Management (QM)

Quality Management (QM) is an integral part of the logistics function and within the SAP system, it is fully integrated with complementary components including Materials Management (MM), Plant Maintenance (PM), and Production Planning (PP). Quality management is important to the warehouse, inspecting incoming material as it arrives at the facility and for manufacturing operations, where the quality of in-process items are checked during the manufacturing process and finished goods are inspected before they reach the warehouse.

SAP Quality management Training Course Syllabus

  • SAP Overview
  • Master Data
  • Planning & Execution
  • Quality management in Procurement
  • Quality management in Production
  • Quality management in Sales and Distribution
  • Inspection with Physical Samples
  • Calibration Inspection
  • Quality Management in Batches
  • Quality Certificates
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Notification
  • Stability Study
  • Important Configuration