1. Enterprise Structure Sales  &  Distribution

  • Defination
  • Define , copy, delete, check Sales  organization
  • Define, copy, delete, check distribution  channel
  • Define, copy, delete, check division
  • Define, copy, delete, check Shipping point


2. Assignment

  •  Assign sales organization to company code
  • Assign distribution channel to sales organization
  • Assign division to sales organization
  • Setup sales Area

3. Setup Sales Area

  • Assign sales org/dist channel to plant
  • Assign shipping point to plant
  • Sales & Distribution

4. Master Data

  • Define Common Distribution Channels
  • Define Common Divisions
  • Define Customer Group
  • Define Terms of payment
  • Define Incoterms

5. Basic Functions

   5.1. Pricing Control

  • Define Condition Tables
  • Define Condition Types
  • Define Access Sequences
  • Maintain pricing procedure
  • Maintain Customer determination procedure
  • Maintain document pricing procedure
  • Assign document pricing procedures to order types
  • Assign document pricing procedures to billing types
  • Pricing Procedure Determination
  • Define Pricing By Item Category

5.2. Taxes

  • Define Tax Determination Rule
  • Assign Delivering Plants For Tax Determination
  • Define Tax Relevancy Of Master Records -Customer Taxes
  • Define Tax Relevancy Of Master Records -Material Taxes

5.3. Account Assignment/Costing-Revenue Account Determination

  • Materials: Account Assignment Groups
  • Customers: Account Assignment Groups
  • Define account determination procedure
  • Assign Account Determination Procedure
  • Define and Assign Account Key
  • Assign G/L Account

5.4. Transfer of Requirements

  • Define requirement Class
  • Define Requirements Types
  • Determination Of Requirement Types Using Transaction
  • Availability Check-Availability Check with ATP Logic or Against Planning

5.4.1. Define Checking Groups

  • Define Checking Groups Default Value
  • Carry Out Control For Availability Check

5.4.2. Output Control

  • Maintain Output Determination for Sales Documents
  • Maintain Output Determination for Billing Documents

5.4.3. Partner Determination

  • Define Partner Functions
  • Define and Assign Partner Determination Procedures

5.4.4. Text Control

  • Define Text Types
  • Define Access Sequences For Determining Texts

5.4.5. Log of Incomplete Items

Define Incompletion Procedures

  • Assign Incompletion Procedures
  • Sales – Sales Documents

6.1. Sales Document Header

  • Define Sales Document Types
  • Define Number Ranges For Sales Documents
  • Define Order Reasons
  • Assign Sales Area To Sales Document Typ

6.2. Sales Document Item

  • Define Item Categories
  • Define Item Category Groups
  • Define Default Values For Material Type
  • Assign Sales Area To Sales Document Type
  • Assign Item Categories

7. Billing

  • Billing Documents
  • Define Billing types
  • Define Number ranges for Billing documents
  • Maintain Copy control for Billing Documents
  • Define Blocking Reasons for blocking

8. Logistics Execution

  • Shipping
  • Basic Shipping Functions
  • Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination
  • Maintain Copy control for Billing Documents
  • Define Blocking Reasons for blocking

8.1. Deliveries

  • Define Delivery Types
  • Define Item Category Determination in Deliveries

8.2. Picking

  •  Picking
  • Define Relevant Item Categories
  • Define Rules for Picking Location Determination
  • Assign Picking Locations

8.3. Copy Control for Delivey

  • Specify Copy control for Delivery


Create/Change/Display Business Partner

Create/Change/Display Material Master

Create /Change/Display Condition Master(Pricing Conditions)

ASAP Metholodogy